26 May 2015 0 Comments

Soccer America: “Wondo’s mark of 100 goals impresses everyone but him”

Article excerpt: “My first six years I definitely wasn’t where I am now and I think a lot of it is just confidence,” says Wondolowski, who at 32 looks as fit and hungry as he’s ever been. “I learn from some of the best who have played, guys like Brian Ching and De Ro [Dwayne […]

14 April 2015 0 Comments

ESPN.com: “U.S. stars look back on the greatest moments of their rivalry with Mexico”

Article excerpt: Brian Ching: I remember playing the game one time and Landon Donovan was about to take a corner kick and they have the security guards standing right over him basically with the shields protecting him from stuff being thrown. It’s incredibly loud there, so loud that you can’t even hear the national anthem […]

5 February 2015 0 Comments

Women’s Soccer Insider: Q&A with Brian Ching

Article excerpt “This year, I feel a thousand times better off than last year. I’m more confident about things. It’s funny because as a player you don’t realize all that that goes on off the field. Simple things, like time management when the focus is on the business side – how to run a meeting […]

24 December 2014 0 Comments

Brian Ching in “Commuter Convo”